FuzzWolf (fuzzwolf) wrote in whofurs,

WhoFurs podcast updates, live show at FC

Hi all,

Just wanted to post here for anyone who hasn't subscribed to our podcast feed. WhoFurs episodes 8 and 9 are now online.

Covers "Vincent and the Doctor" and "The Lodger"

Covers "The Pandorica Opens" and "The Big Bang"

Also, we now have an official date, time and location for our live show at Further Confusion.

So, episode 10 will be recorded in front of an audience on Friday, Jan 14 10:00 PM To 11:30 PM in the Empire room.
Panelists: fuzzwolf, tealfox, rikoshi

We'll be covering the Doctor's appearance in Sarah Jane Adventures, the Doctor Who Christmas special and likely speculating on the next season.

So if you're going to be at Further Confusion this year please come by and see our show. After the show I figure it'll devolve into a buncha geeks chatting about Doctor Who and I'm really looking forward to that. :-D
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