Glyn Wolf (glyn) wrote in whofurs,
Glyn Wolf

Season 6 Opener (Squee!)

I'll refrain from spoilers, since the show won't hit BBC America for another few hours, but I really look forward to people's thoughts then. A few general comments, in the meantime:

Steven sure knows how to start things off with a bang! The first 15 minutes are pure awesome.

Lots of A-story promises in this episode. Normally, I'm not the biggest fan of Doctor Who A-stories, because they tend to involve a lot of "[TECH]" bits or big special effects moments without driving the story or characters much. Series 5 was a bit better in that regard (thank-you, Steven!), but it was still the quality of the episodic stories that drew me in the most. This episode did a much better job of setting up (developing?) A-story threads that seem like they'll create memorable story moments down the road.

I'm pleased with the dedication to Elizabeth Sladen at the start. It was the right thing to do, and they didn't have long to make the decision to add it. Would have been nicer to add Nicholas Courtney as well, but I can see why they did it that way.

As always, I'm fit to burst at the start of a new Doctor Who season, and this opener did not disappoint. I'm all wound up to see how the season plays out!
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